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1MapleStory Empty MapleStory on Sun Sep 18, 2011 4:10 am


New Member
hi guys Smile

any of you ever heard of a game called MapleStory?

its my favorite game next to toribash

its very unique and i like the art style

the game is in 2d and it has something alot of games dont

in MapleStory you can have the social AND the gaming life

you can go and slay monsters, level up, buy new gear, buy new skills just like any other famous game..

but i have never seen a game that allows you to be more social then mapelstory.. you can customize your character and alot of other things that make it more fun to talk in maplestory then in any other game

you should give it a try or at least check it out on youtube

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2MapleStory Empty Re: MapleStory on Sun Sep 18, 2011 11:16 am


Super Moderator
Maplestory.. Isn't this put out by nexon? (same people who own combat arms)

If so, my friends kept trying to get me to play it a few years back, I couldn't really get into it, or even really care to download it after watching them play while at there house. But, i'm always up to give it another shot if I see promising things from it. Although my computer is crap and can't play hardly anything anymore.

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