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IRC Manual

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1IRC Manual  Empty IRC Manual on Sat Jul 23, 2011 4:10 pm


You can get someone's attention by highlighting them. To do this, simply type
their name and write a message after it. This will give them a beep and
sometimes it will make their window flash Surprised

You can use autocomplete to help type people's nicks faster. Just type the
first letter of their nick, then press tab until it selects the right one.
Depending on your client, this also works with channel names.

You can join up to 10 channels at once on this IRC network! Just type,
/join #ChannelName
and /part #ChannelName [reason] for when you want to leave the channel.
Some clients even let you click on channel names which people type to join a

You can also invite others to join channels,
/invite user #channel
Some clients allow you to automatically accept invites and join the channels.

For typing messages in the third person you can use,
/me [message]

You can change your nick by typing
/nick [new nick]

You can have a private conversation with someone by typing,
/query [nick]
This opens up a separate tab where you can talk with them privately.

/chanserv drop #channel

Deletes a channel

Nickserv commands
Before you can get started with chanserv you need to register your nick. So
type in
/nickserv REGISTER password email

To use it later you need to identify with chanserv, which is like logging in.
/nickserv identify [password]
If you get a good IRC client, you can set it to do this automatically. Once you
have identified you can be automatically opped upon entry if your on the
auto-op list for the channel.

If you want to use several nicks, you can group them together. First change
your nick to the one you wish to add to your group and use,
/nickserv GROUP [target(your main nick)] [password]
This is means you can enter a room with any nick in your group and you can
still get auto op, if you're on the auto op list.

If you have pinged and your name is still on the list, or even if someone has
stolen your nick you can use
/nickserv ghost [your nick] [password]
And that will disconnect them and you can use your nick again.

Chanserv Commands
Once you have identified with nickserv you can start using chanserv. You need
op to register a channel.
/chanserv REGISTER [#channel] [password] [description]
Once the channel has been registered you'll need owner to make changes to it.

To maintain the auto op list, use the following command.
/chanserv aop #channel add [name]
You can replace the aop with vop for auto voice, hop for auto half-op, and sop
for auto admin. Remember, you need to identify with nickserv before this works.
If you want to take someone off the list. In that command, just replace the
word 'add' with 'del'
to delete them. Also list if you want to check who's on it.
The only person who will get auto owner, is the channel founder. If anyone else
wants to get auto owner, they'll need to identify with the channel using the
/chanserv identify #channel password
If your client lets you have start up commands, put that command in there and
it will do it automatically.

There are many more commands for chanserv, to find out how to use them, type
/chanserv help
That will guide you through it.

Operator Commands
Operators help keep the channel in order, they can set channel modes, kick and
even ban users. There are many /mode commands, for example
/mode #channel +m
will mute the channel, everyone without voice or higher will not be able to

To change the topic you have
/topic [text]

To op someone else, most clients have their own op command. Generally it's
/op [nick]
Or if that doesn't work you can always use
/mode #channel +o [nick]

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