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[Art] How to shade {For Dummies}

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1[Art] How to shade {For Dummies} Empty [Art] How to shade {For Dummies} on Sun Jul 31, 2011 4:27 pm

The Prototype

UniF Team
UniF Team
This is a rather "TALKING" tutorial . There are very less pictures.

1. Open GIMP. After Opening Gimp , make a new canvas.

2 . Make your texture (I am gonna use a basic one.).

[Art] How to shade {For Dummies} T110

3 . Color it as you like.

[Art] How to shade {For Dummies} T210

4. Make a new layer , color the edges black . And Make another layer and color the inside white. Like This :

[Art] How to shade {For Dummies} T310

5. Gaussian Blur both of the layers with 15 (Blur Radius)

6. Adjust the opacity and your done!

Result :

[Art] How to shade {For Dummies} Result10



[Art] How to shade {For Dummies} 1340410701665fb383cf7a439c8fceed5198ab83

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