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[Art] User Bars Tutorial

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1[Art] User Bars Tutorial Empty [Art] User Bars Tutorial on Sun Jul 31, 2011 5:25 pm


Today we will learn how to make this:[Art] User Bars Tutorial Snakesigbarsd5

It is very simple, and I learned it easy.
I will guide you through all the steps of making a userbar.

1. Open GIMP and click New(Ctrl + N) and make the size for your new image 350 by 19.
Your screen should look like this:
[Art] User Bars Tutorial Basustut1oe0

2. Go to the tools list and click on the gradient tool.
Set your foreground color and background color.
As my foreground color, I will chose a dark green and a lighter green.
Once you have your colors are picked, make sure the gradient tool is set on the setting
'FG to BG (RGB)'

3. Once you have set your settings, with the gradient tool hold your right clicker on your mouse and drag the line
straight to the other side.
It should look somewhat like this:
[Art] User Bars Tutorial Basustut2ol1
Now release your right clicker on your mouse, and your colors should be in a gradient.
This is what my gradient looks like:
[Art] User Bars Tutorial Basustut3gs6

4. Once your gradient is set, add a new layer and name it something like "Scanlines"
It doesn't really matter.
Add Scalines to your image and go the layers window and sell the Opacity to something like 30 or whatever fits your userbar.
If you don't know how to add scanlines, Click Here.
The Scanlines on my userbar look like this:
[Art] User Bars Tutorial Basustut4fu4

5. Ok, your scanlines are set, now what?
Make a new layer and name it. I'll call it "toplight"
Select the Eclipse Select Tool.
[Art] User Bars Tutorial Basustut5ai6
Now, make a circle for the light source at the top of your userbar by holding your mouse right clicker.
Try to get it good, and not covering too much of your userbar.
When it's good, stop holding your mouse's right clicker and it should outline the area you selected.
Mine looks like this:
[Art] User Bars Tutorial Basustut6jc8
Now fill in the selection with white.
Then set the layer opacity to 20 or whatever fits your image.
Then go to Select -> None
My image looks like this, yours should look similar. :
[Art] User Bars Tutorial Basustut7yu9

6. Now, we will add the text.
Select the Visitor font.
If you don't have it download and install it on your computer and save your image as a GIMP xcf.
Restart GIMP and it will be in the font list.
It can be downloaded here.
Now, select the font tool and set the font to Visitor and the font size to about 10.
You may use a different text color.
Click where you want to add your text and type it in and click close.
My image now looks like this on the background layer:
[Art] User Bars Tutorial Basustut8pg7

7. If you want an image in your sigbar, read this step.
If you don't, you can skip this step.

Go to File -> Open and open your image.
It will appear in a new window.

Now select what you want in the image with the Free Select Tool.
Then copy the part of the image and paste it into your sigbar in a new layer.
You can move your image around and put it where you want it to be.
My signature bar now looks like this with the image on the background layer:
[Art] User Bars Tutorial Basustut9ne0

Written by snake
Edited by Base

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