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Who have you invited?

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1Who have you invited? Empty Who have you invited? on Sun Sep 18, 2011 2:23 am


Who have you invited to this forum? This is my list;
Post and keep updating your list.

Festus, Lume, lxor, Tonakai, Zac
febreeze, IFruitsI, Munchic, sCool, toxico21, Zazo
1ToXiK1, Freelancer, HiVoltage, JorreI14, Simon, SkoQ
Agentmax, dk101, LSDLSDLSD, Reningan, SocKeTe, ziggec
bigdonut, Fizik, iCo0n, Master5000, Petri, Sirss
Andrstar, Diltoriya, Durbage, Gruckel, Ostakex, shook
BLEDNYI, Dae67, EviLock, Giantz, invalid0701, Ultraz97
fireless, hhu80, HooliganJ, socado1, xJuicy
Alan, Hugo, MC, MrJingles1, rafakb
AgentP, kamura, Lubba, Sirss, TheSamurai0926, Trewnek
Hagan, maxfire1, MintCat, RobertGB, Rotty, Sicks
EarthFoxx, Hycx, LGOX, Mike2k5, Nadhif, Weddark
deminik, SocKeTe, Swyne, Umbre, Vovan
jokerstein, Lindzee, Milk, Oimanoi, tricerafi

2Who have you invited? Empty Re: Who have you invited? on Sun Sep 18, 2011 11:21 am


Super Moderator
John(irl friend), Notnoob, Jordan(irl friend)

I'll get more/invite more hopefully.

(Going to send something out to tom(irl friend who plays toribash) and get him to join)

3Who have you invited? Empty Re: Who have you invited? on Sun Sep 18, 2011 3:13 pm


Local Moderator
Vog and Sirss


I am always wrong,even my sentence is wrong

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